Chris Hemsworth Joins Sam Hargrave In Chilly Prague To Begin Shoot For Extraction 2

Tyler Rake lives. The sequel to 2020’s Netflix hit, Extraction is finally under production. Russo Brothers, who are producing the film under their banner AGBO Films, shared a moment from the sets of the film in Prague, where actor Chris Hemsworth and director Sam Hargrave shared a freezing moment aboard a train, calling out to fans’ excitement about Tyler making it out of his ordeal in the previous film.

Talking about how different his experience is going to be, Hemsworth pointed out the freezing cold weather in Prague, saying,

Two things are very different from the last movie, one – very very cold…

Extraction took place in India and Dhaka, a place with comparatively hotter weather. So, the sequel does put Hemsworth in an entirely different setting. While the first film was a tier-one action-thriller which impressed with amazing combat sequences and sequences shot in continuation for seemingly long takes. With Extraction 2, Hargrave, who is a master stunt coordinator and an expert at designing action sequences, things can get way more brutal in this painfully cold weather in Prague. The production shifted from Australia to Prague after the former country put restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, causing scheduling conflict.


Hemsworth returns to filming after wrapping up production on Thor: Love and Thunder. The actor has reportedly leaned down on his physique after he bulked himself up literally like a Norse God for the upcoming MCU entry.

Hemsworth also took no stress in pointing out the one obvious detail people are going to be interested in about the sequel…

…Two – I’m alive. How? You’ll have to find out. Watch the movie. Stay Tuned.

Earlier, Sam Hargrave had also shared a similar video amidst a snowfall in Prague, announcing shooting commencement for the sequel.

In Extraction, Hemsworth played Tyler Rake, a ruthless mercenary for hire, who’s manipulated to rescue Ovi Mahajan, son of an Indian drug lord from the latter’s rival in Dhaka. In a mission he thought of as a piece of cake, Ovi’s bodyguard, Saju, intervenes to avoid paying the merc’s fees and everything turns into a bloodbath.

After going through a bloody ordeal against gangsters and hired militia, Tyler saves Ovi successfully, but not before (*spoiler alert*) sacrificing his own life. The end of the film saw Rake being shot and falling down the bridge into the river. The film ended with Ovi coming out of a swimming pool and looking at a blurred figure, who seemed like Rake.

That particular scene did result in fans speculating Raje’s survival, which was eventually confirmed earlier this year with a teaser supported with the hashtag #RakeLives; it was released on Netflix’s YouTube channel. How that happens would be a major plot point of the sequel.

There is no telling whether Extraction 2 will be an entirely new story about another mission Rake gets hired for or will be a continuation to the previous one. However, the teaser featured a voiceover from Rudhraksh Jaiswal, who played Ovi in the first film. It’s a plausible hint towards Ovi’s return for the sequel, this time, probably in a more front-row, action-powered role; but nothing could be said about that with confirmation.

Extraction 2 is looking forward to an April 2023 release. The sequel is being once again written by Joe Russo and will see Sam Hargrave return to direct. Just like its predecessor, which became the number-one Netflix movie upon its release, Extraction 2 will also release directly to stream on Netflix.

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