A Boy Called Christmas Trailer #2 Reveals Santa’s Origin Story on Netflix

Put the skeletons back in the closet and bring out the wreaths and stockings. It’s November, which as we all know, means that the Christmas season is beginning. Netflix is getting ready for their annual slate of original Christmas content and the streamer released a trailer for their upcoming Christmas origin story, A Boy Called Christmas.

Based on a 2015 children’s book of the same name by Matt Haig, A Boy Called Christmas follows a young boy named Nikolas (Henry Lawfull) who goes on a dangerous, winter journey to discover a village of elves who can help bring magic back to the world. The trailer begins with a narration by Smith as she appears to be the one who will tell the audience this story. Throughout the trailer, we see magical reindeer, trolls, talking mice, and beautiful, snowy landscapes. Here is the official synopsis for the film.

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“An ordinary young boy called Nikolas sets out on an extraordinary adventure into the snowy north in search of his father who is on a quest to discover the fabled village of the elves, Elfhelm. Taking with him a headstrong reindeer called Blitzen and a loyal pet mouse, Nikolas soon meets his destiny in this magical, comic, and endearing story that proves nothing is impossible.”

A Boy Called Christmas is directed by Gil Kenan (Monster House, City of Ember, and 2015’s Poltergeist) who also co-wrote the screenplay with Ol Parker. Parker wrote and directed 2018’s Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. Joining Lawfull is quite the decorated cast that includes Maggie Smith, Jim Broadbent, Sally Hawkins, Kristen Wiig, Toby Jones, Stephen Merchant, Joel Fry, and Zoe Colletti. Netflix also released a poster for the film that features all of the cast dressed up in their magical Christmas outfits from the film.

The film is a collaboration between Netflix, Blueprint Pictures, and StudioCanal. Based on the trailer, this movie will feature plenty of visual effects and these effects are being handled by the Oscar-winning team at Framestore. Gary Williamson is also serving as a production designer. It is produced by Graham Broadbent and Pete Czernin with music from Dario Marianelli.

A Boy Called Christmas poster

Netflix has created many modern Christmas classics including Klaus, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, The Princess Switch, and The Christmas Chronicles franchise which stars Kurt Russell as Santa Claus. A Boy Called Christmas is just one of the upcoming holiday slate of films and TV shows that Netflix is calling “Here for the Holidays.”

Other programming coming with “Here for the Holidays” includes Love Hard, The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star, A Castle For Christmas, and Single All The Way. Many of these movies are simple, happy fluff but they do a great job at capturing the holiday spirit. Cheesy Netflix Christmas movies are becoming a new tradition in many households. A Boy Called Christmas appears to be a holiday adventure that the whole family can watch in front of a fire and drinking some hot chocolate. A Boy Called Christmas is coming to Netflix on November 24.

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