Arby’s Is Selling Curly Fry Flavored Vodka for the Holidays

Stop the web presses! We have an absolutely unique vodka hitting the web shelves! Ready for it? Arby’s, famous for their roast beef sandwiches and signature ‘Horsey Sauce’ are bestowing not one, but two French fry flavored vodkas! You have the choice of Crinkle Fry or Curly Fry flavors. Let the mixologists in your life know that you were thinking of them this year!

Arby’s released the news yesterday on their Instagram, celebrating, “A toast to the best fries in the game. Available 11.18.2021. #ArbysVodkaAvailable for a limited time. Quantities extremely limited.Proudly distilled by @tattersalldistillingand distributed by @surdyksliquor. Must be 21+. Drink responsibly.”


The comments were all over the place! There were countless demands to bring back ‘potato cakes,’ whatever those are. I like potatoes, and I like cakes; I might need those to come back too!

But the fast food mixologists already had ideas on how to make the most of their new ingredient in their arsenal. One says, “okay hear me out…. horsey sauce chasers….. i’m just saying.” Others takes it up a notch with the suggestions, “Horsey sauce vodka would make the perfect Bloody Mary tbh” and “I’d love either a roast beef infused vodka or a horsy sauce one.” You might have thought the comments would be a mixed bag, but you’d be wrong. “Pinch me – am I dreaming?” And “I’m 100% here for this.”

Arby's Vodka

But the imaginary blue ribbon for best comment goes to brittnimo! With, “i must obtain a bottle of curly fry vodka. willing to pay us dollars and/or possibly one cat who is kind of an asshole.” Now that’s quite a bargain! Look for the invisible ribbon in the mail!

Alright, I’ve done some research on these celebrated potato cakes. They seem to be a mashup of the hash brown and a latke. They even substituted their potato cakes for the bread portion for some of their sandwiches! I understand your lament, Arbinites. 

Now back to the crinkle/curly fry firewater! I don’t drink alcohol, but I LOVE making a signature alcoholic beverage for my holiday parties. Living in a tropical climate, I can never get away with serving up a steaming mug of hot apple cider to go with the 90 degree weather/annual ping pong tourney.

Arby's Vodka 2

I’ve been brainstorming on savory concoctions utilizing our fast food hooch. Of course, the Arby’s connoisseurs hit the nail on the head with the Bloody Mary. No brainer. But might I suggest the Dirty Arbytini? We could use pickle juice and garnish it with beef jerky? A traditional Bullshot is made with vodka and beef broth and Worcestershire sauce. Arby’s vodka could slide right in there. My guess is we should steer far and wide from the White Russian. Kahlua and curly fry? Let me know how it goes if you dare.

Arby’s has created a countdown for us to put on our homepage displaying the wonders and keeping us posted on when we can begin ordering, or you could just set a reminder. Either way, check in over at to stay updated. Drink responsibly!

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