Big Brother Institiutions (2019 Big Brother)

BIG BROTHER INSTITUTIONS is a platform created to play the game in the comfort zone of participants anywhere in the world via social media and also win cash prizes.

There are rules to follow and tasks to fulfill during game(Big Brother institutions 2019) sessions, failure to be online, contribute, participate or complete a given task may attract eviction as sessions last from one to two hours per day (mostly evening time) depending on gameplay or task being addressed to housemates by the Big Brother(Biggie).

The platform creates room for publicity, advertisement (subject to approval by the Big Brother) and unending fun, the game continues down to the last few housemates which could either be 3, 5 or 10 winners as the case may be, while others must have due to one reason or the other been evicted.

— Meet and interact with new people across institutions
— Participate, get famous and publicize your works be it Arts, Music, Business, Innovations, Inventions, Drama, Discoveries , Poems, Novels, Campaigns and other social, political and educative implementations.
— Visiting the house to experience a session is highly welcomed for non housemates
— In reaching out to the world, Big Brother Institutions is a good platform to get started.


Movieweb and Oyebolsblog is an Official partner of Big Brother institutions..

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