Charles Bronson Fans Honor Death Wish Legend

Charles Bronson Fans Honor Death Wish Legend on What Would Have Been His 100th Birthday
Charles Bronson Fans Honor Death Wish Legend


Charles Bronson Fans Honor Death Wish Legend on What Would Have Been His 100th Birthday

Fans of the late, great actor Charles Bronson are remembering the Death Wish star on the day he would have been celebrating his 100th birthday if he were still with us. Born on Nov. 3, 1921, Bronson was a veteran actor who appeared in many different roles over the decades, from his memorable Westerns in his youth to the well-known action movies he’d take on later. Sadly, Bronson died at the age of 81 in 2003, though his legacy lives on.

It’s an especially good day to remember Charles Bronson with the legendary actor coming into this world exactly one century ago. Though he’s been gone for nearly two decades, his fans are still turning out to pay tribute for the occasion, and Bronson is getting a lot of attention on social media. He was without a doubt one of movie history’s toughest actors, and that’s an opinion that’s clearly shared by many fans on his 100th birthday.

“Today would have been Charles Bronson’s 100th Birthday!” writes on fan on Twitter. “This guy was the Godfather of movie tough guys. From The Great Escape to Death Wish, he could kick some serious Ass!”


Using the hashtag #Bronson100, along with many other fans, writer Rachel Reeves tweeted, “Happy 100th to the man, the myth, the legend…Charles Bronson. My love for this man knows no bounds and today I will be celebrating accordingly with an excessive amount of posting highlighting this. You have been warned.”

Another fan chose to remember Charles Bronson by posting a video of him featured in animated form on a classic episode of The Simpsons. It was not actually Bronson’s voice, but the scene imagines the actor, who’s known best for starring in violent action movies, replacing Andy Griffith on The Andy Griffith Show. It was one of many moments on The Simpsons to reference Bronson over the years.

And Betamax Video Club theorizes, “Charles Bronson would have been 100 today. And probably still making Death Wish movies.”

Many of the fan tweets are celebrating a variety of Charles Bronson’s movies, but he is particularly well known for his role as Paul Kersey in the Death Wish series. Released in 1974, the original installment followed Paul taking the law into his own hands as a street vigilante when the law fails to find the men who attacked his family. There were ultimately five total movies, as almost anyone who ever got close to Paul Kersey would end up getting killed by thugs, allowing for Bronson to do what he did best once again by blowing them all away.

The final Death Wish movie, Death Wish V: The Face of Death, was released in 1994. This also served as the final theatrical performance for Bronson, whose other credits include titles like The Magnificent Seven, Once Upon a Time in the West, Mr. Majestyk, 10 to Midnight, and Messenger of Death. Between 1995-99, he starred in a trilogy of made-for-TV movies called Family of Cops, which served as his last-ever role.

Happy heavenly birthday to Charles Bronson. Take some time to watch a Bronson flick or two in honor of the occasion. You can also get in on the online celebration by using the hashtag #Bronson100.

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