It is obvious that this pandemic disease(Corona virus) has put paid to some successful running of businesses, schools, among others.

The federal government of Nigeria is pushing out her efforts to contain this deadly disease(Corona virus). Noticeable are the mechanisms used by different states. At peak, Lagos state is leading to have Corona Virus victims in Nigeria and not too long, Osun also joined the brutish race of Coronavirus victims’ record.

None of this polity has ever cried out to the public the causes of this malignant disease. We know mosquitoes cause malaria and Ebola is caused by perhaps bat or monkey as claimed.

Then, what is the cause of Corona virus? Fine, we’ve got to know no one is ready to voice out and now we attach biological weapon’s reaction to this unknown virus. Know what? En vĂ©ritĂ© the world is diminishing.

Oh Nigeria, it’s a funny country. Why are we not having sanitisers in the whole country for the citizens. If this disease can be prevented by personal hygiene, then closing religious centres will solve zero issue but aggravate the situation.

Nigeria is part of different international organisations–WHO, UNO among others.

These organisations can easily provide for Nigeria the materials needed for her citizens to fight prior to the advent of Corona virus..
We all know that the step taken by the government is perfectly right. She ordered all her citizens to stay in isolation (at home), but devouring their saliva.

Since we have good administrators, government should try make provisions for its citizens before she would think of finally shoving her citizens in because of disease that is under the rank of poverty fighting the nation in mind and silently uhm.

Thanks to some aired philanthropists or perhaps sturdy philanthropists who donated funds for Nigeria to fight this disease.

Please, are we still having the money at pocket or they are kept for the next generation to come so that the current generation can be killed by hunger and poverty? We thank the government who have made provisions for each citizen to have an amount that is not actually known till now. God bless Nigeria. We’re proud to be black.

Government should please make provisions for the needed materials like face masks, sanitisers, gloves among others before she will finally lock her citizens indoors. We should be appreciated for obeying the rules that is not entrenched in the constitution of Nigeria.

A country of over 200m population and she has millions of people with billions of Naira, still death of hunger will never stop work. Oh! You earthly hell! We pray we never have you again.
Of course, some states are trying. Trying? Yes, trying ironically.

The mechanism of isolation—konile-gbele policy– bought of by the Osun Sate government will do dick in solving the problem.

I heard a news that people are only allowed to travel on Monday then stay indoors starting from Tuesday. Is Monday not a day? What about if one gets infected on Monday and spread it among household on Tuesday? Ah! Oh you sub-earthly hell!. We pray God set you free. The overall population of Osun state either added or not is not over six million. Six million peoples living in Osun.

What comes to mind is six million naira. We pray the state of Osun make provisions for her citizens before this hunger will soon push all out again and deadly and roughly deadly will the disease be by then.

We all know the disease is neither wealthy nor poor, we all see all ‘black’ government taking it very serious. Obviously we need to tour to Italy for holiday. Funnily shit! We see our creator in action as always be.

The then definition of power can now be attached to fear. Summarily, the Corona definition of political power is ‘ the struggle for oneself to stay safe in pandemic situations’.

There should be a rethink in Osunian mechanism of preventing Corona virus. Actually, we’re untenable to the Aso Rock’s decisions, government should open religious centers and provide aid materials. Saying at home eating saliva is not in parity with those, those, that stay under the blessed AC and enjoying their isolation. Perfectly, with exception of the Corona fear, they are comfortable.

We are not prepared to welcome the black shirts and trousers anyway, but government should consider her citizens. We should maintain the social contract theory. We submitted our power to the government so that state can remain our servant not out master. God bless Nigeria.



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