Danny DeVito Shares First Look at His Penguin Story for DC Comics

Actor Danny DeVito has shared a sneak peek at the upcoming comic book story he’s writing for DC Comics featuring his version of the Penguin. Previously, it was reported that DeVito would be writing the new story in honor of the supervillain’s 80th anniversary with artwork by Dan Mora. Taking to social media, DeVito revealed our first look at the comic, Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant#1, along with its variant covers. You can check them out below.

The official synopsis reads: “Gotham City may be protected by the Dark Knight, but this major metropolitan destination is also plagued by some of the deadliest, most nefarious villains in the DC Universe! In this oversize anniversary giant, DC Comics proudly presents tales of Batman’s deadliest foes written and drawn by some of the biggest, most exciting names in comics! 2021 marks an anniversary year for the Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Ra’s al Ghul, Talia al Ghul, the Mad Hatter, Killer Moth, and the original Red Hood, and Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant #1 brings these baddies to life in some big ways! Also featuring the anniversary celebration of the Penguin, written by none other than the man who brought Oswald Cobblepot to life in Batman Returns, star of the silver screen Danny DeVito!”

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Danny DeVito’s Penguin story is one of several to be featured in Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant #1. The DC comic book also includes stories on The Scarecrow, written and illustrated by Wes Craig; Poison Ivy, written by G. Willow Wilson and illustrated by Emma Rios; Ra’s al Ghul, written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and illustrated by Riccardo Federici; Talia al Ghul, written by Nadia Shammas & Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Max Raynor; Red Hood, written by Stephanie Phillips and illustrated by Max Fiumara; The Mad Hatter, written by Dan Watters and illustrated by Skylar Patridge; and Killer Moth, written by Mairghread Scott and illustrated by Ariela Kristantina.

Penguin DC Comics Danny Devito

In 1992, DeVito appeared as Oswald Cobblepot, aka Penguin, in the Tim Burton sequel Batman Returns. It was a one-and-done performance, but it remains a favorite for many fans due to DeVito’s unforgettable portrayal. There have been many different versions of the famous supervillain depicted in the years since, but it would seem that DeVito’s Penguin will always remain a strong fan favorite, which explains why there’s so much excitement surrounding this comic book with his attachment.

Penguin will next be portrayed by Colin Farrell opposite Robert Pattinson in The Batman. Last year, Danny DeVito spoke about the casting and said he was on board with Farrell in the role. He also offered some advice to the actor, with whom he worked on for the Tim Burton movie Dumbo.

“I haven’t spoken to him since [Dumbo], but I’m really looking forward to it,” DeVito told Collider. “I think that no matter what, he’s gonna be great because he’s a great actor. The only thing he has to worry about is that Oswald Cobblepot will show up at his house.”

Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant #1 goes on sale on Nov. 30, 2021. You can see more information at the official website for DC Comics.

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