Eternals Happy Meal Toys Soar Into McDonald’s

One of Marvel’s largest films yet is about to hit theaters on November 5th 2021. Eternals takes the MCU to a whole new level and crosses time and space with a story like we have never seen. However before they do that, they will arrive at a new location, a location of new sights and sounds. Smells that appear unfamiliar to these ancient beings. The land of the golden arch or as we know it…Mcdonald’s.

That’s right, Marvel’s newest characters (well oldest) will be the next you get in Mcdonald’s Happy Meals. The full line up will consist of 10 action figures from the latest MCU movie, and will run through the end of November (or while supplies last). The toys are similar to the toys that were released for Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. You can view the figures in this video below courtesy of

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If you are wondering why the fast food chain has had a lot of the Disney and Marvel properties featured in their kids meals as of late, well it’s because back in 2018 they renewed the partnership after a 12 year hiatus. One of the reasons for the departure back in 2006 was Disney wanted to distance itself from fast food as they tried to combat child obesity and keep their family image. Now with the changes to the fast food chains menu (and a dollar signs) it seems that the two mega giants have a new contract with years of of toys for everyone.

The deal has a huge marketing advantage for Disney/Marvel and The Eternals,because if the kids can get excited about these new characters, that means more people at the box office and buying even more merchandise being sold in stores.

Eternals Happy Meal Toys

Eternals is a big gamble for Marvel as it deals with a lot of characters that are not as well known as Iron Man, The Hulk and Thor. It also is a film that spans across hundreds of years and the universe which is something that Marvel really has not done before. It is a film that will feel very big but in a different way than other Marve l movies in the past. Which is both good and also carries a sense of uncertainty with it.

The Happy Meal promotion will do a great job reaching the market it needs to reach to further help with the success of the film. You can collect all 10 figures starting now however as the film is released I would imagine they will vanish in a snap. As far as what is next for Disney and Mcdonald’s, we do have our favorite web slinger hitting the big screen in December so you never know if the same style of marketing will be in the works for that film.

Are you a collector of Happy Meal toys? Will you be in the drive thru getting one of these exclusive toys before they are gone for good? And don’t forget to go and see The Eternals in theaters November 5th 2021.

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