Eternals Star Kit Harington ‘Can’t Say’ What Comes Next for Dane Whitman

Eternals may have set up a future role for Kit Harington in the MCU, but as of yet, he can’t say what that might be. While his backstory is not really delved into in the movie, Dane Whitman’s character has quite a history in the comic books, meaning that there is likely a lot more to come for Harington and Whitman, who in the Comic universe has the honor of being the third iteration of the Black Knight, and it is very likely we will see more of this played out on screen sometime in the next few years.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Harington said that he “hopes there will be” more to come from his character’s journey after Eternals, but he “can’t really talk” about what’s in store for Whitman. In Marvel speak, that usually translates as “I know but I am under strict instructions not to mention it.” When asked he said, “I can’t really talk as to next steps of Dane’s journey. I hope there will be, and it’s one of the reasons I took the role. It hopefully sets him up for some stuff in the future, which could be really exciting. If you’re a comic book fan, you might have ideas about what that is. But I’ve no idea at this point. It’s just exciting to kind of delve into this. It’s gonna be a cool ride.”

So it is definitely a case of “can’t disclose” rather than “doesn’t know”, and for those who have seen the movie, the post-credit scene pretty much confirms that he has an integral role to come in the near future. For those who haven’t yet watched the movie and want to avoid SPOILERS, then now may be the time to bail out of this article.

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In the second post-credit scene – aka the one that doesn’t feature Harry Styles – a reference is made to the Ebony Blade, the sword used by the Black Knight, and there are also theories that a voice heard speaking to Dane Whitman in the final moments of the movie belongs to none other than the daywalker Blade, which would connect the series to the upcoming arrival of the vampire to the MCU. While Harington has previously mentioned in interviews that there is no definite roadmap for his character’s time in the MCU, he was promised that there is an “interesting future for the character” but as we know, Marvel doesn’t necessarily like to put all of their plans out there to take the pressure off actors having to keep too many secrets.

Kit Harington doesn’t have an excessive amount of screen time in Eternals, but with so much already packed in, that is not surprising. Marvel always tends to play new characters as a progressive and unfolding story, so never usually give away everything in one go and this is certainly how they have played Whitman.

Eternals is out in movie theaters now. This news comes to us from Screen Rant.

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