Garfield Casting News Has Fans Wanting Bill Murray to Reprise the Role

It’s now known that Chris Pratt will be voicing Garfield in an all-new animated movie, and this has left many Bill Murray fans unhappy. This new movie will be animated and is not connected to the two live-action movies which featured Murray in the voice of Garfield. As Murray hasn’t made a secret of the fact that he isn’t fond of those movies, it seems unlikely he’d ever want to revisit the character, though that hasn’t stopped fans online from calling for it to happen.

“I honestly think Bill Murray should get one more shot,” as one fan puts it. “The live action movies where only awful because of the script and directing, but Bill still killed it as Garfield.”

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“Chris Pratt can’t beat Bill Murray as Garfield imo, the lack of energy Murray brought to the role was ICONIC,” writes another fan.

And another tweet reads, “No. Nuh-uh. Negative. No bueno. Hard pass. I don’t care what you have to pay or promise him, get Bill Murray back.”

Peter Hewitt directed Garfield: The Movie which was written by Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow. Bill Murray has later revealed in a GQ interview that he only accepted the part because he heard the name Joel Cohen and assumed it to be one of the Coen brothers, Joel Coen, whose name is very similar. Murray claims he didn’t know until after the movie was shot and he started recording his lines that something was amiss. By then, it was too late to go back, but at least Murray wasn’t exactly surprised when the movie bombed with critics.

Perhaps the paycheck made it all better, as Murray did reprise the role for the sequel Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties. While technically still a success financially at the box office, its reception with critics and viewers was abysmal. These days, Murray has been looking at both movies as embarrassments of his career, using them to make jokes on occasion. This includes a scene in Zombieland where he names Garfield as his biggest regret. Murray poked more fun at the movies by appearing as himself promoting Garfield 3 in a scene for Zombieland: Double Tap.

Chris Pratt has also made some waves lately with the news that he will voice Mario in an animated Super Mario Bros. movie. Similarly, this generated some backlash with Nintendo fans, as many felt longtime Mario voice actor Charles Martinet should also be able to play him in the movie. It’s been reported that Martinet will be featured in the movie in an unnamed role, so he will still be involved somehow. Pratt expressed his own shock about the casting in a video posted to Instagram at the time.

This new Garfield movie is written by David Reynolds (Finding Nemo) and directed by Mark Dindal (Chicken Little). As of now, only Chris Pratt has been announced for the voice cast. A release date hasn’t yet been set. You can see what some other fans are saying about the casting news below.

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