Get to know TwetaCoin The CryptoCurrency & Blockchain Technology in Africa

Get to know TwetaCoin The CryptoCurrency & Blockchain Technology in Africa.


This Is Your Turn To Make Your Billions From CryptoCurrency & Blockchain Technology.

This One Stands Out From The Rest!

Tweta International Is Mandated To Raise & Empower African Youth In The Complete Measures Of Wealth (Purpose, Money, Character, Health, Leadership Etc) By Building A Decentralized Financial & Socio-Economic System With Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency.

T. W. E. T. A Is An Acronym For The Wealthy Tribe Of Africa.

Twetacoin Is Built To Be Africa’s Most Trusted & Used Crypto Currency For Transactions Of Goods & Services.

Twetachain Is Built To Be Africa’s Most Trusted & Adopted Blockchain Technology For The Operations And Integration Of Individual, Industrial, National & International Tokens, Projects, Businesses & Utilities.
Tweta International Will Use Twetachain & Twetacoin To Drive The Total Transition And Mass Adoption Of Businesses & From Traditional And Limited Systems Into Blockchain Technology And That Is Why It Is Building 77 Real Life Everyday Use Projects And Is Encouraging/Helping Africans To Build 100, 000 Tokens, Businesses & Projects In The Next 5 – 10 Years.

All These Will Be Built On Twetachain And All Transactions Done With Twetacoin.

Making 10x – 100x – 1000x – 10000x – 100000x And More Is Very Easy With Twetacoin.

This Is A Complete And Durable Crypto Currency Built Upon Africa’s Biggest Blockchain (Twetachain).

Twetacoin Has A Maximum & Total Supply Of 73 Million Coins Only.

With All These Utilities, Small Limited Supply, Mass Adoption Campaign,s And Marketing Strategies, Twetacoin Is Sure To Grow Into A Trans Generational Wealth Creation Asset That Comes With True Freedom As 1 Twetacoin May Hit Up To $1m In The Next Decade.

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*Official Launch*
Trading, Buying & Selling Of Twetacoin Will Officially Begin On Wednesday, 1st Of December, 2021


Download Twetacoin App At Google Play Store, First 3000 Persons Get 10 Twetacoins For FREE!

*Promo code:* a13b54a8

*Contract Address*
No Contract Address Because Twetacoin Is Building Its Decentralized Wallet And The Contract Address Will Be Available Once This Wallet Is Ready.

Meanwhile The Trading, Transfer, Buying, Selling, And Storing Of Twetacoin Will All Be Safely Done On Twetacoin Exchange (Website & App).

*Social Media*
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You Can Check Twetacoin Exchange (App & Website) To Apply To Be An Official Twetacoin P2p Vendor.

*Official Twetacoin Telegram Group*
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*Official Twetacoin Telegram Channel*

Twetacoin Mining Begins Immediately You Get Your Minting License. Mining Twetacoin Is Automatic, Not A 24-Hours Mining. It Keeps Mining Automatically. You Can Mine Twetacoin By Obtaining The Minting Licensed. To Get Your Minting Licensed, Register On Our Website, Then Login The Minting Website Below With Your Login Details To Get Your Minting License.

Once Every Few Years An Opportunity That Enriches People Comes Out And Only The Wise Ones Grab It And Get Rich.

Everyone Who Got Bitcoin & Other Solid Crypto Currencies At Their Earliest Stages And Held Firmly Are All Billionaires Now

Don’t Miss This Opportunity With Twetacoin

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