Halloween Kills Axed Original Michael Myers Actor Nick Castle’s Cameo

It doesn’t look like any of the original Michael Myers actors made it to the big screen for a cameo in Halloween Kills. Last month, the long-awaited horror sequel was finally unleashed in theaters and on Peacock, albeit with a mixed response from fans. It picks up from where 2018’s Halloween left off by continuing the story from that very same night with Michael Myers resuming his killing spree in Haddonfield on Halloween night.

Longtime Halloween fans will recognize several familiar actors in Halloween Kills who reprised their roles from the original movie. One actor from that first Halloween who also had a special cameo wound up having his scene scrapped, removing the spot from the theatrical cut of the movie. We are talking about Nick Castle, the man who wore the mask as “The Shape” in that first movie released in 1978.

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This news stems from an episode of The Thing with Two Heads podcast with hosts Sean Clark and Christopher Nelson detailing the scene. According to Clark, Nick Castle was featured in Halloween Kills under the mask for just one brief moment, but it didn’t make it to the final cut. The good news is that the scene should be made available on the DVD or Blu-ray release of Halloween Kills. Clark describes the scene as a “POV shot from the drone going into the bathroom and you see his reflection in the mirror.”

In the theatrical version, there’s a scene where Michael Myers attacks a neighbor’s home after escaping from Laurie Strode’s house fire. The married couple inside knows something is amiss when a drone they’re using is tossed back at them from another room. There was apparently a snippet of Michael’s reflection during this scene that director David Gordon Green must not have felt was right for the movie, so Castle’s cameo had to go.

It’s very possible that Nick Castle is one of two original Michael Myers actors to be axed from Halloween Kills. There were rumors of Tony Moran, who plays the unmasked Michael Myers in Halloween, to have his face featured for a cameo in Halloween Kills for a flashback unmasking scene. That does not happen in the final cut, which has led to our own speculation that Moran’s cameo was deleted because of controversy surrounding the actor.

James Jude Courtney is the man under the mask in Halloween Kills, returning from the role he played in 2018’s Halloween. Castle did get to have a cameo in that movie, appearing for just one shot when Laurie looks at Michael through a window. It’s a bummer his moment from Halloween Kills was nixed, but many Halloween fans are going to want to check out the extra footage when the movie hits home video, so we’ll get to see the moment soon enough.

Halloween Kills is currently playing in theaters and streaming on Peacock. Despite the day-and-date release strategy, the movie has been a hit, performing well at the box office and drawing big numbers on the streaming service. It will all lead to the end of the trilogy next year with Halloween Ends.

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