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Housefull 4: A Horror Comedy Indian Movie



Housefull 4

In this Bollywood movies are on high demand and making a huge income from the whole world. This year is said to be one of the most successful years for Bollywood movies(House Full 4).

Let’s see about some high budget movie from Bollywood which are released this year and making a huge income in box office.

1. Bharat (Starring Salman Khan)

2. Saho (Starring Prabhas and Shradha Kapoor)

3. War (Starring Superstar Star Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff)

4. Mission Mangal (Starring Akshay Kumar)

5. House Full 4 (Starring Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, and many others)

These are some big-budget Bollywood movies who are released or to be released this year.

Here we’re going to talk about HouseFull 4


So, let’s start

In India, everyone knows about the HouseFull franchisee. Housefull 4 is the fourth part of HouseFull series but this movie becomes the most twisted movie as compared to all the previous Housefull movies. The Theam of this movie is totally different.

Checkout : Terminator Dark Fate

The production house of this movie is also different. This movie is produced by Sajid Nadiadwala but the previous parts of HouseFull franchisee are produced by Sajid Khan.

Generally, the team of previous movies is only Comedy and Drama but HouseFull 4 is different.

In HouseFull 4 Director Farhad Samjhi shows Drama, Action and lots of Comedy with the twist of Horror. All the songs of this movie out and loved by the public. LOTS OF Acting films are released this year and many action movies are coming to release this year. So, A Horror Comedy movie can do a great Business in the Box office.

Actor’s working in this movie

1. Akshay Kumar

2. Bobby Deol

3. Ritesh Deshmukh

4. Pooja Hegde

5. Kriti Sanon

6. Kriti kharbanda

7. Chunky Pandey and many others

Release date

26th October 2019.

Story of the movie

The story is all about a Prince of Nazabgarh BALA ( Akshay Kumar) and her Two servants Brahmaputa ( Bobby Deol) and Bangdu Maharaj ( Ritesh Deshmukh) are fall in love with three princesses but because of some political reasons they never reveal their truths and die without marrying with each other they take a new birth and start loving to others girlfriends.


This movie is going to be the best comedy movie in 2019 and make a huge business in the box office.

Hope you like.

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Rambo Last Blood Review: Is He Bringing Us Pure Carnage ?



Rambo Last Blood Review: Is He Bringing Us Pure Carnage ?

Sylvester Stallone eviscerates a Mexican cartel in the gruesome revenge thriller, Rambo: Last Blood. The fifth installment in the franchise takes the Taken storyline and ramps up the savagery. Similar plots have been seen countless of times before, but not nearly as bleak or brutal. Rambo: Last Blood easily earns its hardcore merit badge. It will undoubtedly be criticized for stereotypical characters. That’s fair to a point, but shouldn’t be overstated. This is blunt force cinema with little subtext.

A decade after returning from Thailand, John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) lives a quiet life on his family’s ranch in rural Arizona. He raises his niece, Gabrielle (Yvette Monreal), with her grandmother (Adriana Barraza). Rambo trains horses and helps out local officials when needed.

On the verge of going to college, Gabrielle wants to know why her father abandoned her. Rambo warns her to stay away from him, but the naive girl must have an answer. She foolishly crosses the border into Mexico alone. Rambo becomes worried when Gabriel doesn’t return home. His worst fears are realized. Gabrielle has become a victim of sex trafficking. She is a prisoner of ruthless drug lords (Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Óscar Jaenada). Nothing will stop Rambo from getting his beloved niece back.

The plot gets dark quickly. Rambo: Last Blood does not temper its treatment of Gabrielle. She walks into an obvious and predictably dangerous situation, but that doesn’t make it less hard to see. Your blood boils as she and the other kidnapped women are violated. The revenge theme is solidly established. This allows the set-up for severe repercussions. Every Rambo film delivers justice to the evil antagonists. The cartel baddies pay for their sins with limbs and organs. When John Rambo says he’s going to tear your heart out, that’s a promise kept.


Download Movie>>>>>Mokalik The Mechanic

one-note. There’s zero nuance or degrees of sophistication. Gabrielle is a lamb thrown to wolves. Her uncle is an unstoppable killer hellbent on vengeance. The Mexican cartel blurs into the same despicable goons. Rambo: Last Blood doesn’t paint every Mexican as drug dealing human traffickers. Paz Vega co-stars as a Mexican journalist who helps Rambo. Should there have been additional characters to mitigate the portrayal of Mexican culture? Possibly, but this is a brainless action film. Rambo: Last Blood should not be a test in political correctness. The character has been a white knight savior since Rambo: First Blood Part II.

The final act of the film is pure carnage. I expected a big action scene, but was genuinely surprised by the gore. Rambo: Last Blood treads into grisly horror territory. It’s all overblown, but entertaining in a twisted way. Fans of the franchise are paying to see Rambo mercilessly kick ass. You will get your money’s worth here. It’ll just be soaked in blood and guts. Stick around after the credits. Rambo: Last Blood is produced by Millennium Media and Balboa Productions with distribution from Lionsgate.

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Housefull 4: A Horror Comedy Indian Movie

In this Bollywood movies are on high demand and making a huge income from the whole world. This year is...

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