Is Eternals Helmer Chloe Zhao Directing Kevin Feige’s Star Wars Movie?

We might be seeing Chloé Zhao stepping into the Star Wars universe. Just recently, the new movie Eternals premiered in theaters, marking the latest release from the Nomadland director. With the movie now playing on the big screen, new rumors have emerged via One Take News that Zhao is either “very close” to signing on, or has already signed on, to direct a new Star Wars movie for Kevin Feige. The unconfirmed news has not been officially addressed by Zhao or Marvel at this time.

While this is not yet verified, the idea of Chloé Zhao potentially directing Feige’s Star Wars movie makes a lot of sense. Zhao has been very open about her desire to direct a Star Wars movie if given the opportunity, even speaking about it recently while promoting Eternals. In an interview with The Playlist last month, Zhao said she would direct the Star Wars movie that Feige is developing, and she said he would “do anything Kevin asked me to do.”


In a separate interview with Uproxx, Zhao added, “Look, I’ll be lucky if I get to play in the Star Wars universe. But, as you know, again, just like the MCU, the universe is so grand with so many incredible characters. And I think if I ever get the chance, it’s got to be the right story, the right character.”

We also know that Kevin Feige has had some very high praise for Chloé Zhao, which led to her getting the job directing Eternals. Per Rolling Stone, Feige described the filmmaker’s pitch for Eternals as the best he’d ever heard. These discussions have also convinced Feige that Zhao had plenty else to offer outside of Eternals, which also could have led to further talks about having Zhao come in to direct a Star Wars project.

“Not only does [Zhao] make remarkable, small, personal movies in a remarkable, small, personal way, but she thinks in grand, cosmic, gigantic terms, which fit perfectly with what we wanted to do. Eternals is a very big, sweeping, multimillennial-spanning story. And she just got it,” Feige said.

An official announcement as to who will direct Kevin Feige’s Star Wars movie has not been made, though the screenwriter was previously revealed. Michael Waldron, whose writing credits include Loki and the upcoming sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, is on board to pen the Star Wars script. No details have yet been announced about the plot or any potential characters from the Star Wars universe who might appear.

This project is separate from another Star Wars movie in development which already has its director. Taika Waititi is also planning to direct a Star Wars film using a screenplay he’s co-writing with Krysty Wilson-Cairns. Meanwhile, several new projects from the universe will also be developed for the small screen with more Star Wars shows heading to Disney+. That includes another season of The Mandalorian, which is now in production, along with spinoff shows like The Book of Boba Fett, which just recently had a new trailer released. The rumors of Zhao directing Star Wars come to us from One Take News.

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