Jason Momoa Tests Positive for Covid After Dune Premiere, Impacting Aquaman 2 Filming

He may be pretty indestructible as DC’s Aquaman, but Jason Momoa has proven he is only human after all, as he revealed that he has tested positive for Covid-19 and is now in lockdown. The actor put out a message on his instagram stories confirming the rumors that began circulating last week, that he had contracted the virus sometime after appearing at the premiere of Dune, and a video of the message has since been shared numerous times on Tiktok by fan accounts. This means that Momoa’s current work on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will have been halted, putting the pressure on an already tight shooting schedule for the comic book sequel.

You can watch Jason Momoa on TikTok here.

Only a few days ago, Amber Heard posted a picture of herself on the set of the new movie, showing off the bright red hair of Mera, the character she plays again in the follow up to 2018’s Aquaman. With Momoa now out for action for a while, it could put a hold on all filming as it is a bit tricky recording scenes without your lead actor, as the production team on Indiana Jones 5 will confirm. In the video, the star says, “I got hit with COVID right after the premiere. There’s a lot of people I met in England. Got a lot of aloha from people, and who knows.” He goes on to say that he is “doing fine” and is just “camped out in his house.”

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About Jason Momoa testing positive, a source speaking to The Sun newspaper in the U.K. said, “Jason is fine luckily and is now isolating after getting a positive test, but it’s a real headache for the film’s bosses, who are now worrying about having to delay their tight filming schedule. Of course the safety of everyone working on the film is the most important thing and everyone is tested regularly. They are hoping this is a one-off and that they can work around Jason and continue filming on the production. Everyone is wishing him a speedy recovery and they’re looking forward to having him back on set.”

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the latest in a long line of projects that have been hit with delays due to positive Covid tests, even after the industry got back to its feet after the worldwide shutdown last year. The last few months have seen Game of Thrones prequel series House of The Dragon shut down on multiple occasions, Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania facing crew issues at the same time as Indiana Jones 5 as the productions worked alongside each other at Pinewood Studios, London, and while not an exclusive reason, it has been partly these delays that has led to Marvel Studios and Disney pushing back a number next years’ movie releases including the Ant-Man and Indiana Jones sequels.

While Jason Momoa’s positive Covid test will no doubt cause a headache for director James Wan, with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom not arriving in cinemas until December 16th, 2022, they should have enough breathing space to keep their heads above water while they are without their star for a short while.

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