Licorice Pizza Poster Drops Alana Haim Into Paul Thomas Anderson’s ’70s Wonderland

A new poster has been unveiled for Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza. The old school one-sheet heavily leans into the ’70s aesthetic of the coming-of-age dramedy. It features art of the characters wearing their finest outfits, ripped straight out of that decade. The poster looks like an advertisement for a hippie music festival with bright colors, detailed drawings, and a sunny background. The two stars of the film, Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman, take up the majority of the poster.

Licorice Pizza is the upcoming ninth film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, who is also writing and producing as well. Other producers include Sara Murphy and Adam Sumner. The musical score comes from Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood. In addition to Haim and Hoffman, Licorice Pizza also star Bradley Cooper, Sean Penn, Tom Waits, Benny Safdie, and Maya Rudolph.

Licorice Pizza poster

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Licorice Pizza is the story of Alana Kane and Gary Valentine growing up, running around and falling in love in the San Fernando Valley, 1973. Written and Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, the film tracks the treacherous navigation of first love.”

The trailer for Licorice Pizza released in September shows off what seems to be a coming-of-age love story with a hint of danger. It featured David Bowie’s “Life On Mars” as we see the characters getting into drama while also dealing with relationship issues.

Anderson is a director whose films are usually talked about during Awards season. He has been nominated for Best Director and Best Picture at the Academy Awards twice, both for There Will Be Blood and Phantom Thread. This could be the case for Licorice Pizza as well as early reactions came out recently and they are very positive.

Ben Mekler shared his reaction on Twitter saying, “LICORICE PIZZA is PTA’s most personal film. Hilarious, heartfelt, and bound to be divisive. Cooper Hoffman makes a stunning debut and Bradley Cooper eats four, maybe five vinyl records on screen. Must’ve been real, they never cut away. I absolutely loved it.”

Critic Ben Mankiewicz praised the performance from Haim saying “The movie world needs to prepare itself for the overwhelming charm, likability, and humanity of Alana Haim in @licoricepizza.”

Actor John C. Reilly also shared praise for Haim’s performance in a conversation with the singer/actress for Interview Magazine. Reilly, who has worked with Anderson on Hard Eight, Boogie Nights and Magnolia, visited the set and admired the work of Alana Haim.

“When Paul sent me that first screen test, I was like, ‘Dude, if you can keep them feeling this free, I think you’ve got a movie. You know the phrase, ‘You can’t take your eyes off her?’ I’ve experienced that feeling before, watching a fireplace or a baby, but rarely with adults,” Reilly said. “When I visited the set, I remember sitting there and being glued to the monitor, even between takes. I turned to Paul, and I was like, ‘You can’t take your fucking eyes off her.’ He looked at me like, ‘Right?'”

“The only other actor who makes me feel that way is Joaquin Phoenix,” Reilly continued. “Watching him is like watching a raccoon rummage through garbage cans. What is he gonna do now? Why look at anything else, while this is going on? It’s hard to keep that energy on camera, Alana. Take it from an old clown like me. How many times would you say you’ve fallen in love?” Licorice Pizza is scheduled for a limited release on Nov. 26 and will open nationwide on Dec. 25.

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