Luca Sequel Short Ciao Alberto Trailer Brings Us Back to the Italian Riviera

When Disney launched its very own streaming service (Disney+) on November 12th, 2019, it gave the brand a huge variety of options for characters and stories in its vast catalog. Original films, documentaries, series, and new shorts were just some of the programming the company had at its disposal. The Disney shorts proved to be a huge success and have spread throughout such films as Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Soul, as well as originals which have been featured in a program called SparkShorts. Now we have a new short film featuring characters from our newfound favorite movie Luca.

Ciao Alberto takes us back to Italy with the fun-loving sea creatures that have now been accepted by the town…sorta. In this brand new sequel short, we see Alberto living his life and doing what only Alberto can do, get into trouble. In a brand new trailer that Disney released, we will get to see Alberto’s life with Massimo in Portorosso. We see Alberto as he writes a postcard to his best friend, Luca, and gives him updates on his new life where he is loving his job and catching massive amounts of fish, referring to himself as “the greatest fisherman in the world.” Alberto is also seen delivering fish via bicycle wagon to the locals in the village, playing soccer with fellow kids, and making tomato sauce for Massimo. Check out the new trailer for Ciao Alberto below.

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We first met Alberto in Luca which came out earlier this year. The part-sea monster, part-teenager befriended the title character and the two became fast friends. Alberto took Luca, who was also a sea monster, under his wing to introduce him to the human world, something that Alberto was well versed in and excited to share with his newfound friend. The film was not released in theaters (due to the pandemic) but instead released on Disney+. If you have not seen Luca yet, I highly recommend watching it before the new short arrives on November 12th, 2021.

The new shorts are a great way to put out content quickly as well as a way to test the waters on characters both old and new. We have seen the success of this by the brand new series Monsters at Work and Doug’s Day Out. Although Luca was very successful and it was rumored that a true sequel film was on the table, it looks as though Pixar has three other movies on their plate in the next year and beyond.

In the meantime though we can enjoy the easy life with sea creatures, pasta, and Vespas. Hopefully, this will lead into a new short or series because I think these characters have a lot more story to tell. What do you think of the brand new trailer? And how would rank Luca among the other Pixar films and characters we have grown to love over the years? Leave us your comments and don’t forget to follow MovieWeb for all the news and trailers.

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