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Lucky Gumbi who is also known as Somkhanda Gumbi or SomK Gumbi is a popular and wealthy South African mining magnate & businessman.

He was born and raised in Kwazulu-Natal region of South Africa in the year 1981.

Profile Summary

Real Name Lucky Gumbi
Nick Name Somkhanda Gumbi or SomK Gumbi
Nationality South African
Date of Birth 1981
Age 40
Place of Birth Kwazulu-Natal
Profession Businessman
Marital Status Married
Spouses Bayede Cebekhulu Gumbi (first wife), Nombuso Malinga Gumbi (second wife)
Net Worth $12 million


Early Life

Lucky Gumbi was born and raised in Kwazulu-Natal region of South Africa and grew up in Mtubatuba town located North of Kwazulu-Natal. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon and he and his family had to face the tough financial challenges of life after his father died while he was still very young.

He shared his early days’ struggles in an interview where he revealed that they were times the whole had to go to bed on empty stomachs and how the financial struggle cut his education short. His mother was the breadwinner and had to toil very hard to take care of him and his siblings.

The early life struggle was his major source of motivation to work extremely hard and lift his family out of poverty.


Lucky Gumbi is a businessman. Most of his business activities involve the mining industry and he owns several mines across South Africa. Alongside mining, the businessman deals with charcoal transportation across South Africa and he is involved in the construction business.

He hit pay dirt after having moderate success in business and this turned his business around for the best. Between 2017 and 2019, several South African filmmakers contacted him to create a reality show based on his life but he declined as he is a very private individual.

Finally, he gave in when he realized that he could inspire numerous South Africans through the show. The show was titled, The Gumbis and it is currently on air with a large number of viewers.


Personal Life

Lucky Gumbi is a polygamist and his decision to marry two wives brought him national fame. The amount of money spent on his second wedding went viral and garnered public attention.

He is married to Bayede Cebekhulu Gumbi who is his first wife and also married to Nombuso Malinga Gumbi who is his second wife. According to him, the purpose of marrying more than one wife is not to have numerous children but rather to build his business empire.

He married his second wife, Nombuso Malinga Gumbi when she was 22 years old and for the bridal shower, he spent $200,000. The wedding aired on his reality television show ‘The Gumbis’ and the wedding cost $3.5 million.

Net Worth

Lucky Gumbi’s net worth is estimated at $12 million.

Social Media

Instagram: @thesomk_zn

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