Michael Che Debuts Comedy Special Shame the Devil This Month on Netflix

Widely known for his role in Saturday Night Live as the co-presenter of the iconic ‘Weekend Update’ along with Colin Jost, and widely regarded as one of the funniest SNL cast members, Michael Che is set to debut his new comedy special on Netflix, titled Shame the Devil. Directed by Kristian Mercado and produced by Irony Point, Shame the Devil releases on November 16th, which Che hilariously confirmed on his Instagram, first hinting towards it, saying he felt sorry for the person who had to follow up on Netflix’s last comedy special, which was Dave Chapelle’s The Closer, which has been widely controversial since its release.


Apparently having filmed his special in September in Oakland, California, Michael Che added in a second Instagram that he “wanted the show to come out sooner,” but hilariously added, “But we decided to wait until Netflix workers used up all their walkout days. Look. I don’t want no trouble.” Having an impressive resume, including his brief stint as a writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, before writing for Saturday Night Live and then replacing Cecily Strong as the Weekend Update presenter alongside Colin Jost since September 2014, with the witty dynamic between the two being one of the highlights of each episode of the show, most prominently in their yearly tradition of joke swapping.

This special follows his 2016 Netflix special Michael Che Matters in which the comedian discussed topics ranging from Black Lives Matter to gentrification. With the special set to feature his take on American patriotism, jealous exes, Black leadership and more, fans are primed for his special, and cannot wait for it to release. Che does have big shoes to fill, considering the largest and most recent comedy special was of legendary comedian, Dave Chapelle’s, named The Closer, which gained major controversy over Chapelle’s constant skirmishes with the LGBTQIA+ community, and more specifically the transgender community, due to comments and jokes some found offensive in the past.

Michael Che, however, is a different story. Liked by many due to his hilarious personality and immaculate joke delivery, best seen in his ongoing SNL stint, Che’s special seems to be a new beginning, and a follow up to his last special in 2016, which was very popular with viewers and praised for its variety of jokes and topics on which the jokes are based on, while on paper, they seem completely unrelated, with Jesus and white girls dancing being the prime example of the fact.

Che and Jost also hosted the Emmys, and Michael Che has also had an HBO Max limited series, That Damn Michael Che, which portrayed a theme or a topic in a hypothetical situation and the viewpoint of said scenario being through the vantage point of a Black American, with the very first episode being Che finding himself stuck on an elevator with a white woman. This also included many cameos from fellow SNL cast members such as Cecily Strong, Heidi Gardner and of course, Colin Jost. Fans have already marked their calendars for November 16th for Shame the Devil on Netflix and cannot wait to see Michael Che make them laugh, yet again.

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