Michael Myers and the Myers House Get the Funko Pop Treatment

Just because Halloween came and went a few weeks back doesn’t mean that Michael Myers isn’t still out there, lurking the streets of Haddonfield near the old Myers home… in Funko Pop form, that is. An all-new collectible Funko set is being sold exclusively at Spirit Halloween’s webstore featuring the classic Michael Myers in his blue jumpsuit and white mask, holding a freshly-used knife. He also comes with the abandoned Myers house from Halloween complete with the Strode sign out front.

Funko has given the horror genre lots of love over the years, and “The Shape” himself has a variety of different Pop figures. This is certainly among the most interesting releases as it comes with a miniature version of the iconic Halloween location. The old Myers home has long been featured in different installments of the franchise, as whenever Michael escapes back to Haddonfield, he always seems to want to go straight back home.


The Halloween franchise is going very strong after the recent release of Halloween Kills. This serves as the second part of a planned trilogy at Blumhouse which will conclude the 40-year saga of Michael Myers vs. Laurie Strode. In Halloween Kills, the old Myers house is again heavily featured, and Michael again leaves several bodies inside before exiting the home. It all dates back to when he claimed the life of his first victim, Judith Myers, on Halloween night as a small child.

There aren’t active plans to continue the Halloween series after Halloween Ends arrives next year, though it’s all but inevitable that the movie series will continue in one way or another. Because there have been so many reboots and altered timelines already, it’s hard to say if what comes after Ends will serve as another sequel to this new trilogy, or if it will reimagine or reboot the story once again. Either way, Michael Myers has proven to be a dominant draw at the box office with these movies, so rest assured that he’ll be stalking the streets of Haddonfield soon enough after Ends is released.

“Well, if you look at where Laurie Strode went from 1978 over the next 40 years, we found the person in a very different state than we’d left her,” David Gordon Green said of the future of the movie series via Games Radar. “And the most enjoyable characters to write and watch are the ones that evolve and go through change. There’ll be a lot of unexpected character evolution in the next one, and that’s because processing grief and tragedy and a massacre like this can only go in any number of infinite directions. And so we just get to pick one and take that journey with her.”

Halloween Kills was a very divisive installment of the series when it was released in October. Some longtime fans of the franchise thought it was perhaps too violent, preferring the more subtle horror established by John Carpenter in 1978. Others were thrilled to see Michael Myers achieving his highest body count in a single movie yet. When it comes to that original movie, however, the acclaim is universal. You can pick up the Michael Myers and Myers House Funko Pop set at Spirit Halloween.

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