Rahki Giovanni Biography, Net Worth, Surgery, Height

Rahki Giovanni is an American fitness instructor, fitness enthusiast, and social media influencer. She was born on the 4th of August, 1988, in Miami, Florida, United States.

Rahki Giovanni is of Puerto Rican & Haitian descent. She is well known for her thick muscular body.

Profile Summary

Real Name Rahki Giovanni
Date Of Birth 4th of August, 1988
Age 33 (In 2021)
Place of birth Miami
Nationality American
State of Origin Florida
Profession Fitness Expert, Social Media Personality
Ethnicity Puerto Rican & Haitian Roots
Zodiac Sign Leo
Net Worth $250,000


Rahki Giovanni started lifting weight in 2015 and with consistency and alongside a great diet plan, the results started to show in no time.

Reports from multiple sources have it that she runs one mile in six minutes daily and also trains for eight hours daily as part of her workout routine.

She started sharing videos of her workout routine on social media which started garnering attention and she started to build a fanbase for herself and eventually emerged as a fitness trainer.



Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated at $250,000.

Social Media

Instagram: @rahkigiovanni

Twitter: @RahkiGiovanni

Facebook: Official Rahki Giovanni

TikTok: @rahkigiovanni

YouTube: Rahki Giovanni

Website: rahkigiovanni.com

Snapchat: Rahki’s World

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