Rob Zombie Poses with The Munsters Cast in New Set Photo

The latest image from The Munsters set has Rob Zombie and the cast taking a break in black-and-white.


You can almost hear that classic tune from The Munsters playing every time a new image comes out from the set. This time, director Rob Zombie posted a photo of himself alongside the cast while taking a break from their shoot in Hungary. Everyone looks pretty stoked to be there, as filming an adaptation of The Munsters on a set that’s been built from the ground up must be a wonderful feeling for the cast and crew. You can take a look at the photo below.

Rob Zombie notes in the caption that they’re taking a day off from shooting to enjoy the “awesome food” in Hungary. Jeff Daniel Phillips, who’s standing in the back in the image and plays Herman Munster, commented on the Instagram post with, “Please pass the paprika!” Richard Brake, who plays a mad scientist in the movie, also commented, “Great pic. What a gang!”


We can clearly see that Zombie has been in full Munsters mode throughout this entire production. He’s even posting behind-the-scenes images in black-and-white, and even this picture of the cast out of character on their day off still has that Munsters vibe to it. One of the biggest questions we still have about the reboot is if it will be in color, or if Zombie will look to replicate the original series by making it all black-and-white. Perhaps fans will be given the option of choosing, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

The Munsters stars Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman, Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily, Dan Roebuck as Grandpa, Sylvester McCoy as Igor, and Richard Brake as Dr. Wolfgang. We’re expecting more casting announcements to be forthcoming, possibly to confirm Jorge Garcia and Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson, two other names who’ve been rumored as a part of the cast. One can’t help but also wonder if we’ll be seeing the arrivals of Eddie and Marilyn in other set photos or if Zombie will present a different version of the story that perhaps omits those characters for whatever reason. In any case, the filmmaker knows how to keep fans speculation by only giving us morsels of information at a time.

“Everything fell the way it should have, and Jeff (Daniel Phillips) is perfectly cast and he will be so entertaining in the part of Herman,” Dan Roebuck said of the cast in a Horror Geek Life interview. “Sheri (Moon Zombie) is so delightful as well. I actually auditioned years ago for the part of Herman in one of the TV movies that didn’t turn out so well. It just wasn’t meant to be. I’m glad I didn’t land the role of Herman, and I’m not trying to talk down about that particular project but it’s not what Rob’s film will be.”

He added, “There’s not a better person in Hollywood, or anywhere else on the planet, who should be making The Munsters movie other than Rob Zombie. It’s gone through the hands of so many other people and I know Rob wasn’t just looking for something to attach his coattails to. He’s a huge fan of it and being a life-long fan approaching this material it really is as good as it gets.”

The Munsters doesn’t have a release date at this time.

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