Robert Englund Weighs in on A Nightmare on Elm Street House Going Up for Sale

The house from A Nightmare on Elm Street is now for sale and whoever the new owner is may be in store for a nightmare themselves – both literally and possibly financially. Freddy Krueger himself has some thoughts on the matter.

While leaving LAX, Robert Englund, who played Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, spoke to TMZ who asked him about the Elm Street house that is up for sale. The house is located in the Spaulding Square neighborhood in Los Angeles and is listed at $3,250,000. The people trying to sell the home are not shy about mentioning its connection to Wes Craven’s classic horror film with pictures of someone standing in front of the facade in a Freddy Krueger outfit. The house has also been used in TV commercials and print ads.

According to TMZ, the house also has “3 bedrooms in the 2-story main home and it’s got walnut floors, a master suite, an open kitchen, patios, terraces and a bunch of French doors.” There is also a lovely pool in the backyard, next to some lovely trees and a separate guesthouse.

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Englund gave some suggestions on who he thinks should buy the house, naming some other horror icons who could make great house owners.

“Maybe Jason or Pinhead,” Englund said. “Keep it in the family.”

Englund also says that the people who live there must deal with a lot of adoring fans and that Halloween probably brings a lot of crowds to the house. When asked about whether the house should be featured on a possible makeover show, Englund suggests a possible idea for a new reality show.

“Real Housewives of Hell,” Englund said.

In addition to using the house to film, Englund also mentioned that he used to park in front of the house when he would pay his union fees for the Screen Actors Guild. He certainly has an attachment to this house.

Englund has played the role of Krueger eight times; the last time being Freddy vs. Jason in 2003. In the 2010 Nightmare on Elm Street remake, the role was played by Jackie Earle Haley. However, Englund’s performance is what made Krueger one of the most iconic and terrifying killers in any horror film.

This house is just one in a bundle of famous movie houses that have become legendary due to their place in movie history. There are several houses that you can visit or possibly stay in depending on how it’s operating. For example, the home from A Christmas Story is now an Airbnb where you can even stay in Ralphie’s room from the film. Many of these homes are private residences, however, many films only use these homes for exterior shots anyways.

The people who had the Elm Street house on the market were accepting offers through Halloween so it’s possible that somebody just became the lucky – or possibly unlucky – owner of this house. Freddy may soon have another set of victims whose dreams he can turn into nightmares. This comes to us from TMZ.

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