Sad! You won’t believe Glo did this to a customer

My Sad Experience with Glo—Tadese Faforiji. See Glo network response to a customer…. 

Faforiji Tadese Obaloluwa – Glo mobile Network response

I know this and it’s part if me. I never share my experience to blackmail our beautiful network. I always wonder why people like to choose some network over the other. Here I am with my results.

It was unfortunate that my phone was stolen in February of this year. Not only that I lost my phone which has my Glo Sim inside, but also my WAEC and NECO certificates including all my printouts which were put inside the bag. With two month prayer and lots of pleading on social media, the friendly thief returned some of my materials to the university relaxation center in my school (AAUA).

I usually went to the place every morning to take my belongings which he/she dropped one after the other. Unfortunately, my phone was not returned. Do you know what happened next?
What was so much painful is my lovely Glo Sim which I have been using for over six years. Even then, when I bought the Sim, it has already been registered . And this doesn’t occur again now.

I sought for my Sim retrieval but all was futile. I remembered when my MTN sim disappeared in 2018.

It was so easy when I got to the MTN office in Ilesha. I kept looking for Glo office in Ilesha, but believe me, they have none in the whole Ilesha! Shit!
I traveled to Osogbo twice to retrieve this Sim and the agent told me it has a process and I’ve failed to recharge in January, a month preceding February when the phone was stolen.


Glo sent several messages and I showed them at the so called Glo office in Osogbo. Believe me, they did dick till now. Does this ha you too?
I’m untenable to their ‘unfriendly’ treatment. I’ve used this sim for many things including my media broadcast, Bank contact, WhatsApp, Family meetings’ meeting contact and others.

Now, Glo would provide the same number and got it sold to another potential customer!
Behold, Glo is our service. The love I have for Glo is immeasurable because it’s a black network and I love everything belonging to my people. I’m a black man to the core! But I’ve stopped to put too much trust in them. I am advising you, don’t put too much trust in this green network.

It may affect your activities if you’ve gone too far in setting the Glo Sim as your everything.

Mind this number, 08110830189, it goes forever and never will I be happy with Glo again in my life. And I would never advise even goats to patronise them. I’m not ready to spoil anybody’s name or go to court for such irrational service of the unseen corner of the globe, but I have my experience, which is the best master. Thanks.

Tadese Faforiji, a presenter at Uniq 103.1fm and Freedom TV channel 34 UHF, Ilesha, State of Osun.

Check below to see the response to My messages to Glo network via mail👇👇





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