Stranger Things Season 4 Episode Titles Revealed

Netflix’s Stranger Things Day 2021 has brought with it a number of treats for fans of the show who are eagerly awaiting the fourth season of the hit supernatural series, which we now know will arrive sometime in the summer of 2022. A new teaser has also now revealed the titles of all nine episodes of the new season. Although some of the titles are very much open to interpretation and don’t give away too much, there are a few that are pretty intriguing to say the least.

The nine episode titles revealed in a new teaser are “The Hellfire Club,” “Vecna’s Curse,” “The Monster and the Superhero,” “Dear Billy,” “The Nina Project,” “The Dive,” “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab,” “Papa,” and “Piggyback.” Obviously among these episode titles we have “Dear Billy” which references Billy Hargrove, who obviously sacrificed himself while taking on the Mindflayer in season 3 but has already said that he couldn’t talk about whether he will be back in the fourth season. Does this title mean he will appear in flashback or dream form, or perhaps there is some other plan for Billy in the new season. Another one to point out is the penultimate episode of “Papa”, which was Eleven’s name for Jim Hopper, and with Hopper actor David Harbour having discussed the emotional role that this season brings for the former Hawkins Police Chief, could this be setting up another devastating finale?

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David Harbour previously spoke in detail about Hopper’s evolution and how the new season takes him new places. “As we move forward into season 4, one of the things I’ve talked about already is, the Duffer Brothers and I talked about this Gandalf idea throughout the whole thing, where you have a character who is Gandalf the Gray, and fights a monster, the Balrog, descends into hell, and reemerges as Gandalf the White,” he explained during New York Comic Con. “So in a sense, I mean, even this embryonic haircut that I have is… there’s a rebirth in him this season and a coming to terms with this toxicity that he’s carrying around, this trauma really, which is where it comes from. And him struggling with that and you’ll get to see a lot more, specifically, of what those traumas were, which I’ve always wanted to get into each of those cardboard boxes in the attic, you know, about Dad, Vietnam… you’ll see a lot more.”

“We go into a lot more later, which I really love, and we also get back to, because he’d been this father,” he continued. “His biggest struggle was like, you know, with the Doritos and like with the yelling at his kids… Because he has to go into Russia, you’ve already seen — if you’ve watched the trailer — with a flame thrower. I mean, he becomes this warrior that we’ve always known him to be. And he still has the spotlight. So anyway, he has all these twists and turns, and also there is a tremendous arc of redemption which plays out in each season, but on a broad scale, you’ll start to see we’re really racing toward the end of this redemption, which is, to me, very beautiful.”

While the new reveals made today are great for fans of the show, it only means that next summer seems so far away, but one thing for certain is that the three year wait is certainly gearing up to be worth it. Expect to see more trailers next year as we approach the summer 2022 release of Stranger Things season 4 on Netflix.

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